The Road to Mandalay

The problem with going to the city that has the best swimming pools in the world, sorry Singapore, is that my beautiful boy has formed a strong correlation between the city of sin and swimming pools.

In short, he thinks any cool swimming pool or water slide is essentially

… Las Vegas. We went on a family trip, my wife, my mother-in-law, my daughter, and the lion. We went to beautiful, arid Las Vegas. While walking down the questionably family-friendly Fremont Street Experience, the lion took a look at all the glitz and glamor and the Beautiful Neon Lights and intoned “I want to go to Las Vegas!”

The next day we went with the kids on a triple Casino trek through Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, and Monte Carlo. As we passed the jingoistic orgy of slot machines, crap tables, and digital video screens everywhere welcoming you to Las Vegas, once again my little boy looked around in utter confusion. “Where’s Las Vegas?”

We tried to explain that we were inside the very Citadel of which he was dying to set up shop, but in his Mind’s Eye we were quacking lobsters speaking gibberish inside of a vacuum.

Lo on our penultimate day in town, we had planned a water extravaganza. We rented a ridiculously expensive Cabana on the east side lagoon of Mandalay Bay’s sprawling swimming pool esplanade. Heard of Mandalay Bay? Yeah, it’s in Las Vegas.

My mother-in-law decided to take advantage of the forgiving shade and flat screen television, while my wife and I took our kids to the lazy river, the baby wave pool, and our own personal Cabana side pool. There were drinks, there were snacks, and some very impressive nachos. But the crux of the trip and the ultimate joy could be seen by the look on the Lion’s face.

He could smell the chlorine, see the clear beautiful blue waters, and hear the joy of many other children playing in their own aquatic heavens. At long last after days of distractions such as the hot desert, the crazy night life, the endless casinos, and the billboards telling us to make sure we pick up illegal fireworks before the Mayweather McGregor fight, not to mention the 256 miles….we had finally made it to Las Vegas.


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